Lake Fork Fishing Topo Map w/GPS

Map of Lake Fork

Lake Fork Topo Map with GPS Coordinates to Proven Hotspots

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A two-sided freshwater lake map. Lake Fork is a medium size East Texas lake. It is located about 70 miles east of Dallas. Black Bass taken from this lake have held the Texas state record for many years. The map has GPS numbers for fishing spots, marinas, boat ramps, and other locations. Lake Fork is one of the preeminent bass fishing lakes in North America. People come from all over the world in search of a Lake Fork lunker, and many find them.
Lake Fork offers a variety of conditions that are very nice for catching big bass. There is lots of cover and structure, lots of grass and plenty of timber, all holding big bass.

This map was made with the assistance of Lake Fork guides. It has a table on it with suggestions for each time of year for bass, crappie and catfish. The table includes the local name of each of these spots as well as GPS coordinates.

Lake Fork FIshing Report

Lake Fork Fishing Report
At Lake Fork, the water temps are on the rise and the bass are getting active. Look for them in 10-12′ of water. Spinners, Ratl-Traps and Flukes are some of the best lures right now. Early on, the north parts of the lake are productive. Birch Creek is really coming alive in early March. The map for sale on this page has hot spots pointed out, complete with GPS coordinates to get to these spots.

Soon, the bass will be moving in to the shallows to spawn. Sight fishing takes over then but they get much harder to catch. If you are planning a trip, sooner is better because pre-spawn is always better than trying to get them while they are on the beds.

Top Fishing Spots on Lake Fork

These are some of the spots detailed on this map.

  • Mustang Point
  • Little Mustang
  • Birch Creek
  • Caney Point
  • Little Point
  • Wolf Branch
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GPS features include coordinates of access points such as landings, marinas and other important information, as well as fishing information and recommended fishing areas. Local fishing guides were consulted in the creation of these maps when determining the location of recommended fishing spots and lure/bait selections. All maps are only $15.95 each.
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