Lake Ray Roberts Topo Fishing Map w/GPS

Map of Lake Ray Roberts

Lake Ray Roberts Topo Map with GPS Coordinates to Proven Hotspots

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  • A valuable Lake Ray Roberts fishing and information resource.
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A two-sided freshwater lake map. This large lake is located east of Interstate 35 midway between Denton and Gainesville. The lake is bordered by eight public parks. Ray Roberts is a complex lake with lots of structure. The lake holds Black Bass, Crappie, White Bass, Catfish and Bream. The map has GPS numbers for fishing spots and boat ramps.

Lake Ray Roberts Fishing Report
2-28-2010 – Pond Creek Cove has been producing some nice fish on Ray Roberts. Either a carolina-rigged lizard or wacky worms have been good with a Rat-l Trap coming in when they don’t want the soft plastics. Working the gravel pits with cranks, Ratl Traps or carolina rigs has also been working. Concentrate on the areas from about 5-15′ deep, depending on the sun. When brighter, they move down deeper
The map on this page contains 112 spots on Ray Roberts that have been hand selected by local guides as the best spots. It contains GPS coordinates that will land you on top of these spots and what time(s) of the year these spots are most productive. It really is a handy tool to have in the boat for your next trip to Ray Roberts.

Top Fishing Spots on Ray Roberts Lake

These are some of the spots detailed on this map.

  • Elm Fork – Trinity River
  • Johnson Branch Island
  • Spring Creek
  • Pecan Creek Pond
  • Gravel Pit
  • Culp Island
  • Culp Island Hump
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GPS features include coordinates of access points such as landings, marinas and other important information, as well as fishing information and recommended fishing areas. Local fishing guides were consulted in the creation of these maps when determining the location of recommended fishing spots and lure/bait selections. All maps are only $15.95 each.
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