Upper Laguna Madre Fishing Map with GPS


Our Upper Laguna Madre Fishing Map will put you on fish on Upper Laguna Madre. GPS points of top fishing spots, by local guides, are included on this map.


Upper Laguna Madre Fishing Map is an inshore two-sided saltwater fishing map that includes the Upper Laguna Madre, Corpus Christi Bay, Aransas Bay, Copano Bay, and San Antonio Bay. This large system of bays is the most popular saltwater fishing destination in Texas. There are many access locations to this large fishing area as well as many types of fishing available which include wade fishing, deep bay fishing, shallow water fishing and kayak fishing. The map has GPS numbers for fishing spots, marinas, boat ramps, and other locations.

Upper Laguna Madre Fishing Map Top Fishing Spots

  • Rockport
  • Port Aransas
  • Aransas Pass
  • Nueces Bay
  • Corpus Christi
  • Mustang Island
  • Padre Island
  • Mud Island
  • Vinson Slough
  • Cedar Island Flats
  • Smith Reef
  • Lap Reef
  • A valuable Upper Laguna Madre fishing and information resource.
  • Laminated. Great Detail. Depths to 1 foot.
  • Approx. 25″ x 37″. Two-sided.
  • Ships by next business day.

Laguna Madre on Wiki

The Laguna Madre is a long, shallow, hypersaline lagoon along the western coast of the Gulf of Mexico in Nueces, Kenedy, Kleberg, Willacy and Cameron Counties in Texas, United States. It is one of seven major estuaries along the Gulf Coast of Texas. The roughly 20-mile (32 km) long Saltillo Flats land bridge divides it into Upper and Lower lagoons joined by the Intracoastal Waterway, which has been dredged through the lagoon. Cumulatively, Laguna Madre is approximately 130 miles (209 km) long, the length of Padre Island. The main extensions include Baffin Bay in Upper Laguna Madre, Red Fish Bay just below the Saltillo Flats, and South Bay near the Mexican border.

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